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Laura; (Guest) Coeburn, VA Senior Photographer

January 18, 2011

It was such a pleasure for me to be able to take Senior photos for my cousin (through marriage) Laura.  We knew it was going to be winter when we did these, but had no idea there would be 6 inches of snow on the ground since they don’t typically have one inch on the ground, much less six.  It was actually entertaining to me to see the newscasts about the large amount of snow they had this year – 7 inches!!!  One must consider though that we here in Wisconsin have more plows in one small town than they probably have in a whole county AND we don’t live in the mountains, which really complicates getting to school with snow.  Needless to say, I had a great time with Laura, as I was in my natural habitat.  Note though, to those taking photos in the snow in non-snowy areas – bring cute boots for photo subject to wear in the snow.  I would’ve donated mine, but sadly my feet are at least twice as large as this petite little lady’s.  And as evidenced below – she does not take anything but a gorgeous head shot 🙂  Laura – I hope you have a wonderful rest of your senior year and thank you for letting me have the privilege to take your photos 🙂

We also got in some full family shots.  Have you seen siblings that look this happy?  My niece came with us to VA for Christmas this year and the most vivid impression she had of my husband’s family is that they are a lot funnier than our family, I think you can see that in the next couple images 🙂

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