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Unfortunate events

January 30, 2011

So this post was supposed to be adorable and fun photos of crafting and my lady playing with my friend’s daughter.  But instead I go to open a photo tonight and my computer freezes.  I shut it down and restart.  Go to open the photo again and learn to find that photoshop CS4 – is not going to work.  So I spent about an hour doing that instead of homework only to find out that there is nothing I can do.  Now I’ve spent $$$ to upgrade, not only my photoshop, but also my computers running system (note to self – always keep computers running system up to date).  So I decided that even though this isn’t the cute crafting post it was supposed to be, that there had to be something redeeming about the last two hours, since I didn’t even really get any homework done.  So I opened Photoshop Elements 4 – which I never knew how to use and explored a little.  It does a small amount of what I’m used in CS4, but man it’s amazing how much is missing!!  I give everyone who edits in elements complete props because I could not find anything I needed in there!!  But here is just on photo from today, also the first photo I’ve ever edited in Elements.  I got two day delivery so it might also be the last…never the less, I think it’s adorable 🙂

I hope my Monday doesn’t start like this night ended…

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