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Joy of Love Day 8

February 9, 2011

I really wish I could be home with some daylight for more of these assignments!  But I’m making do.  Today (well yesterday’s) was gifts from the heart.

For as long as I can remember I was always going to name my first girl after my mom, it was one of the only secrets I’ve ever successfully kept for a really LONG time.  I had it all planned out, I’d have the baby, my mom would come in the room, we’d all be smiling and happy and it would be this wonderful moment where she was holding her and says, “what’s her name?” and I tell her and we all cry happily (you know the clouds part and a choir of angels sing – that kind of moment).  Instead I ended up with an emergency c-section and I’m pretty sure one of my sisters told my mom in the waiting room, while I was busy having the shakes and Maura was in the NICU.  Thankfully we were all fine, that’s all that really mattered.  Turned out that my mom, Maureen, had made my daughter, Maura, a quilt made out of my grandpa, Maurice’s shirts, when she didn’t even know what her name would be.  About a month ago my Mom and Dad came over for dinner and she gave my daughter this necklace, that my grandpa had given her when she was born.  Now these are the most amazing kind of gifts, completely priceless.

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