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Joy of Luck – Day 1

March 17, 2011

I am so excited that there is another Joy class being given by Willette!  You can still sign up for this free 1 week class.  Just go here.  I know I didn’t get to post every day of the Joy of Love, but it was so much fun to turn the camera on us AND I learned that my child had grown out of the “don’t take my picture” phase and ended up with quite a few great photos of her ♥ one ended up as a gallery wrap and two others are framed ♥

The first assignment is to find something in your life that others view from the outside as lucky.  What is it that I have that others would think is lucky?  Well, #1 a husband that is an incredible chef!  That is typically the phrase, “you are so lucky that Wes loves to cook” or “you are so lucky you get to eat like this every night (as they are drooling over delicious food)” but since my last post was about Wes and part of the assignment was to try to get away from people as your subject I decided to move on.  And then it came to me.

I am so lucky to have a mother who sews and quilts and who passed on that craft to me.  From as early as I can remember I was always using the sewing machine (even unsupervised when I shouldn’t, wouldn’t you know that’s ALWAYS when the bobbin broke!).  We spent many nights as a family going through the growing pains of learning to quilt and how to properly follow directions on cutting and don’t even get me started on understanding triangles, there were many tears and seams ripped due to triangles.  But, that said, we now have the ability to make a pretty fantastic quilt.  My mom even has her own quilting business (you can check out her etsy shop here!).

This particular quilt below is for a good friend of mine.  I might’ve cheated a bit on this assignment because as you can see below I’ve already given it to her, but I promise that when I took the photos of the quilt I did try all different angles and these below are the ones I liked best. This is also perfect for joy of luck because the signature block on the back (which I don’t have a picture of 😦 ) is one my friends and I designed in the shape of a shamrock!

And look I’m in the picture, something I learned I should do more often 😉

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  1. Will permalink
    March 21, 2011 10:33 am

    I love that design Amanda! Nice job bein’ all diverse with your creativity!

    • March 28, 2011 6:45 pm

      Thanks will – I have to give credit for the owl design to the lady who designed the fabric in the border – Hang Tight Studios. It is a super cute owl guy 🙂 If only their were more hours in the day or enough people to pay me to sew all the time!

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