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Camping with the Couches

July 10, 2011

So I grew up camping.  That is what we did as a family in the summer – camped and biked.  So Wes and I try to go at least once a year.  This year we got a cabin because I do NOT sleep in tents.  Don’t know why, but I’m up all night just twiddling my thumbs, frustrated while I listen to everyone else sleep soundly.  Last year we tried to pack too much into one weekend so our plan this time was to just go and enjoy and not do too much.  We were successful!  A few short trips, but mostly just family time sitting outside playing in the dirt or the pool.  We did make one trip over to PC Junction, and awesome restaurant where they deliver the food to the table on a train that travels around the bar.  Maura loved it!

And since grilling and cooking is Wes’ thing, he makes it a habit of taking camping food to the next level.  If I were in charge we’d have cheerios for breakfast, peanut butter for lunch and pancakes for dinner – or maybe just ice cream cones.  But when Wes is around this is what you get.

Cutest reflection ever.

Maura and Brennan spent an afternoon together doing lots of fun stuff.  They both have wonderful imaginations and it’s so fun to watch them from afar and see what they come up.

One morning we took the kids to the beach and I saw all of them ages 2-12 work together on building a sand castle and a moat.  I am not much of a beach person, but that really made it worth the work of going.

We also went to a dairy farm that has all this awesome stuff for the kids to play on and fresh ice cream!

Sitting and waiting and watching the jump roping show.

Breakfast from the Pink Bakery.

And then smores at home before the fireworks – it was a great long weekend 🙂

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  1. Will permalink
    July 10, 2011 5:05 pm

    The smores-face is awesome, but I love the photo of the kids on the red folding chairs. It’s the perfect mix of new + nolstalgia.

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