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Biever Family; Port Washington Area Photographer

July 19, 2011

In photography, everyone is always encouraging everyone else to find their voice (similar to all other arts as well).  With music, it’s always been easy for me to share my voice while playing another person’s composition.  With photography, I don’t have the liberty to interpret someone else’s vision, it’s all my own, making it a scarier prospect to go out, capture your vision, and share it with the world.  I know that my goal is to connect with people, to give them images they will look at years from now and have them remember that joy they felt at that moment.  And if there is a set of images that really speaks to my voice it’s this set.  You can see how much love this family has going around, they all adore one another and it’s totally evident in their interactions and hopefully these images speak for themselves.

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  1. Karmin permalink
    July 19, 2011 11:48 pm

    Love these pics Amanda! Every tine you post you amaze me more and more! I love the one with the fathers hand, it’s so hard working and strong and then the little baby’s skin. :). And the mom is so beautiful I love her in the field with the wind in her hair.

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