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Fun with the Creasley’s

September 1, 2011

So when I started this post I had no idea that when I ended and published it that the Creasley’s would be in Hawaii. Permanently.

But they are so all can I say is how much I will miss them.  And how grateful I am that our kids got to be around each other for the last three years.  The are less like friends and more like family to me and I am still in denial that they have left.  At least now we have a place to stay in Hawaii right?!

Here are a few photos from our adventures this past summer.  I had a goal to make sure I took pictures when they were here because typically I just play and enjoy and my camera doesn’t come out.  I sadly did not get on goal accomplished, there is no picture of me and Andrea 😦  Crazy how our friendship started with loads of pictures of ourselves and now I can’t even manage one in an entire summer.

Creasy’s – we love you guys and will miss you tons and can’t wait for our first Hawaiian vacation!

Here they are two years ago…

And here they are now… (please excuse the white balance)

Show me your muscles!

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