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Suess Family; Milwaukee Area Family Photographer

September 9, 2011

I love that photography has re-connected me with so many people and that now I get to see them and meet their families, such a treat ( and a trip because in my mind we are all still 13 so I have no idea how all of us have kids now!)  I had a blast with these guys – smiled so much my cheeks hurt as I was driving home 🙂

I love their hands in this one – how they are holding on to him, so sweet.

And the momentary sisterly love (not that it’s not constant, but being a little sister myself, I can speak to how quickly our moods change back and forth as kids.)

I don’t normally include the outtakes but these were too cute not to share.  This first one was one of the first pictures I took and you can see there is a slight bit of apprehension on one face 😉

And this is an example of what happens when another little girl is eating and ice cream bar just past the photographers shoulder…too bad cause it’s some great light.

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