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October 11, 2011

So, when I was 17, my parents and I went to a piano sale and found one of the first loves of my life.  And last week it came to my house 🙂  Economy movers brought it from my parents to our new house in Ashwaubenon and they did a fabulous job.  They were timely, efficient, and they didn’t drop it 😉

The piano didn’t need a whole semi – but they picked it up on their way back from another job in Milwaukee.  Only the best for my first love.

Here’s a small preview of the piano room.  I plan to post photos of the end product once it’s finished, but for now you get the idea.

And onto some of Maura over the last week.  She LOVES the house so much and is really making it her own.  She doesn’t want to do anything but play at home.  She’d even rather stay home than go get ice cream!  I actually wasn’t home the first time she saw her room, but my dad took a few pictures of her in there for us.

I asked Maura how much she liked her new house and this is what she did.


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