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Kendal & Steve – Part II; Green Bay Area Wedding Photographer

December 10, 2011

If you are just joining us now – check out Kendal & Steve, Part I – here

Every wedding that I do, I hope and pray for a groomsmen that helps to make my job much easier.  This wedding had, hands-down, one of the best groomsmen/photographers assistant.  Here he is below – he kept everyone smiling naturally and laughing.  I tried to hire him to come to every wedding with me after this one, sadly I was turned down.

Hello Stunning.

A whole lot of time and effort went into personalizing all the details of this wedding.  I just love that everything really emphasized the idea of their wedding day being a celebration – these two definitely have the right idea. (love the sayings on the back of the programs)

And waiting to greet them after the ceremony…

I love this next set of images.  Would it be weird if I had a wall of these in my house?  They just make me happy.


And I’ll leave you with this image… a small look into the fun that was about to start at the reception!


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